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10 June 2009


Harmony Sveshnikova

The camels appear to be unfenced near an open road. Very cute photo of you smiling over a cup of cocoa. Your brilliant complexion is undoubtedly due to the drastic change in temperature and humidity.

Harmony Sveshnikova

Just one more comment. . . I do think you ought to write some travel literature. You are an engaging writer and your photos and experiences are unique. I hope you have not forsaken your hand written journals to focus on this blog.

Micah Woods

Hello Harmony, your insightful comments are appreciated. The camels are, as you noticed, unfenced near an open road. This is in the middle of the desert, and we naturally can expect to see camels roaming about, unfenced. My sanguine complexion, and I like your terming it "brilliant", was indubitably due to the stark change in environment. I have an inimitable energy and am a prolific writer; you may rest assured that my fountain pens still get regular use.

Harmony Sveshnikova

Do you mean to tell me that camels roam wild in the desert? I thought they were domesticated animals. Or is it similar to the open range in the American West before it was fenced?

Micah Woods

They are domesticated animals. I think your comparison to the open range is apt.

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