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02 June 2009


Harmony Sveshnikova

Could you please describe the taste of the salted eggs? Are they somewhat pickled/fermented? Also, are you certain the black substance is soil? I have seen black salt sold as a gourmet item, though I haven't tried it. The yolks appear a brilliant orange which indicates the ducks ate plenty of healthy greens. I think I would like to try the eggs, but not the rats.

Micah Woods

Your inquiry has prompted me to eat the remaining egg, sans congee. The unadulterated taste is astonishingly like a chicken's egg, boiled, shell-removed, a dash of salt added. There is a hint of piscinity and one can imagine a tinge of minerals.

I detect no pickling nor fermentation. There is notably a clay/silt coating to the shell (see [b] & [c] above), to which the additional black substances are added and overlaid. Soy sauce? Black salt? Guano? The mind strains at the possibilities.

I like to think that the ducks who lay the golden (is that a synonym for brilliant orange?) eggs must be well-treated, free range, and healthy eaters. I think you would love to try the eggs. No comment about the rats, just don't say you are on the Sam Khok diet if you haven't tried to eat them.

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