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08 June 2009


Harmony Sveshnikova

Your garden is looking good. Do you tend it yourself? Gardening is also good excercise, but I tend to think that biking on the open road or even on a stationary bike might burn more calories. You do realize that vertical stripes have a slimming effect on the wearer and that your viewers may think they are being tricked? Perhaps, just to emphasize the obvious, you should post a full-length photo of yourself in a different shirt.

Micah Woods

This is not technically my garden. It is what I imagine my garden might look like if I did tend my garden. Good point about biking; the open roads at Thailand can be dangerous, though, and I value my safety even more than I value my exercise program. I certainly don't intend to bamboozle anyone, and will show post-haste a full length photo in different shirt.

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