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17 June 2009


Guy Woods

A most salutory peregrination. I commend you.

Harmony Sveshnikova

I have invariably been convinced that, while one's writing should certainly assume the intelligence of one's reader, it ought also to be comprehensible to a general audience. Thus, while I hesitate to objurgate the two of you for your persiflage, I do think that your choice of abstruse and caliginous bavardage unfortunately only serves to adumbrate your otherwise lambent wit and label you as inveterate logophiles.

Micah Woods

You win. I surrender.

Janet Barnes


You surrender to Harmony & rightfully so! Of course I am smiling at all of you but personally would not nor could not take the time to investigate the meaning behind your difficult jargon...sufficient for me to make my guesses by content & leave it at that.

I received my package today & was delighted. Thank you! Denny & I are excited to make use of all. Are the round red bits a sort of peppercorn? I'm excited to make home-made vanilla again & the vanilla beans have a pleasant aroma. Do you recall my recipe from your childhood? I believe I used brandy.



Micah Woods

Brandy should be used more often. I don't recall the recipe although I thought you would like vanilla. Yes, I believe I sent you a variety pack of peppercorns as well. Enjoy.

Harmony Sveshnikova

I used light rum to make vanilla a couple of years ago. It worked quite well. Perhaps I should try brandy this time? I agree it is nice to have the vanilla beans.

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