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16 July 2009



Hello, Uncle Micah.
In that grandiose photograph of you ascending a tree, did you don spiked shoes before attempting such a feat?

Harmony Sveshnikova

Needing to aquaint myself with the particular properties of the durian and verify your claim of danger, I did discover that hardhats are recommended when gathering the spiny fruit which can cause puncture wounds to the head that are rarely fatal. Take care, take care. Additionally, I learned that while some Westerners prize the unique flavor and health benefits of the durian, others find its odor revolting. Does it please your palate? Interestingly enough, and in keeping with your goals, the durian, it is said, possesses warming properties and may cause excessive sweating.

Micah Woods

No spiked shoes were donned. I rely upon my catlike balance in these endeavors.

Micah Woods

I like durian very much. Durian is not all about facts; it is not Gradgrind's horse. Facts about durian are not what we want. You will (I hope) sometime have the opportunity to try durian for yourself. Knowing for yourself, in this case, will be better than any description I can attempt.

Harmony Sveshnikova

This may not be Gradgrind's horse and certainly the flavor of durian must be beyond description as you offer none, but you needn't give me such a Hard Time.

Micah Woods

Perhaps this will clarify my thoughts about durian. First, when durian is out of season, I come home to a bleak house. Second, I have great expectations that you will enjoy the taste and texture of durian.

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