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04 February 2010



I can see that your fashionable shorts fit you great baby!!!

Micah Woods

The European cut on those shorts is so flattering.


I sense a curious trend for 2010.

The first is that Micah needs adult supervision when buying clothes at Thaniya Plaza.

Second, Bambi petting (an event I witnessed) and making a Nok Air video indicate a possible distraction-factor that means either that Micah is a)admirably capable of multi-tasking, or b) suffers low-level ADD which will affect his concentration. Let's keep an eye on his putting stats.

Micah Woods

I am going to go with c) Micah's innate talent for golf allows him the leisure to focus on Nok Air takeoffs, Bambi, and his cutting edge fashions -- at no apparent detriment to his golf game.

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