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22 April 2010


Harmony Sveshnikova

Ooh, Royce chocolate is the best! If only we could find it here . . . Sophisticated and puddingy seem somehow contradictory in my mind, even for a banana flavor. I do think you ought to have said approachable sucrosity, rather than saccharinity, assuming that these chocolates are not artificial.

Micah Woods

I guess I'll never be a poet, or a wine critic. I wanted to incorporate something about "burnt asphalt" and "aristocratic" but neither worked for my description of this amazing confectionary. Saccharine means "Of, pertaining to, or of the nature of sugar; characteristic of sugar; sugary" so I have no regrets in that choice. Puddingy and sophisticated may not go together, but that gets at the very essence of Royce' nama banana -- it is so very complex.


Nay and I are hoping you will ship us some... ?

Micah Woods

You might try http://www.e-royce.com/


Are you going to save some for me?

Micah Woods

I'm sorry. With nama chocolate I make it a practice to consume within 72 hours of opening the package. In the interests of freshness.

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