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04 December 2010



I take it the photo at top depicts rock surfing? Uranography just doesn't sound good, especially at night. Nor does pulchritude, for that matter. Come to think of it, as brilliant a state you may feel yourself in, refulgence sounds awfully repugnant. How are those lyrics coming?

Micah Woods

You must be confusing uranography with urology. I can only think of a few things I would rather engage in at night.

What is this, a writing workshop? I'll keep working on the lyrics, and will choose my words more carefully.


I realize that uranography refers to star-gazing, as in Uranus. However, since it sounds so similar to urology, your phrase might possibly conjur images of frequent nocturnal jaunts to the bathroom. My point was simply that, if you aspire to songwriting, you might want to choose words that sound like the image you wish to convey. Really, I was just teasing you, though, because I find your choice of vocabulary quite entertaining.


are u trying to be a songwriter??? does danny javier inspires u write a lyrics??.... ne kanta sau hindi ko narinig na kumanta ka ah...hahahaha...peace...

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