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26 April 2013




I'm so glad to see that you are again updating your blog- at my request, perhaps? Your acquaintances ought not to be surprised to see you, a doting uncle of four, pushing a baby stroller. But then, your days of hiking with my children in carriers probably occurred before you maintained an online presence.

Now, about the octopus salad. Did you eat it?

And finally, do you use a GoPro to film the slopes?

Micah Woods

Thank you. I am happy to update the blog. I'm actually a doting uncle of 37, at present, but there is no need to quibble about details. About the octopus salad, I did eat it, and I enjoyed it. And no, I do not use a GoPro.


Yes, no need to quibble. Perhaps we could agree that you are a doting uncle to four?

If not a GoPro, then what?

Micah Woods

Yes, we could agree to that. I just hold a camera and go. No special equipment, just ingenuity and pluck.

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