Spring Skiing at Nagano – 春分の日

This is the view of the Japanese alps from my hotel room window last Saturday. I was at Japan for 春分の日 (vernal equinox day) and skiing at Sugadaira in Nagano. Each time I have been to Nagano I have been more impressed with the prefecture. Nine of the twelve highest mountain peaks in Japan are in Nagano, and I want to come back in the summer and fall too.

Although there wasn’t much snow by mid-March here, the skiing was still good, and there are plenty of roadside attractions and good local delicacies to sample.

I stayed in Japan an extra day because of a runway closure at Narita, and when I did leave for Hong Kong this morning there were nice views flying directly over Mt. Fuji and then over Osaka Bay and Kansai International Airport as we flew southwest towards Hong Kong.

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