Great Advances in Men's Grooming Products: I

I have had occasion to reflect on the great advances in men’s grooming products, particularly with my discovery this month of the Dark Temptation body spray that frankly is one of the most brilliant things I have seen in my life. And yesterday I finally was able to purchase some. This item is so popular in Thailand that I have had trouble finding it on store shelves. I can find other flavors of Axe deodorant body spray, but the Dark Temptation has been a struggle to purchase. You can imagine how ecstatic I was to grab one of the few remaining cans at Tesco Lotus yesterday, to bring it home, and to coat myself with flavors of chocolate, cream, roasted pears, ginger, hot cocoa, and roasted cinnamon. If you haven’t tried Dark Temptation yet, please do; there is a body spray, a shower gel, an anti-perspirant, among other items; in 2009, I think more people would be happy if they (or their loved ones) smelled of chocolate.

The other great advance, not so recent, but perhaps equally groundbreaking, is of course the Fusion razor from Gillette. With the five-blade shaving surface and precision trimmer and microfin comfort guards, this razor is incredible.

This will be an irregular series, with my updates of great advances in men’s grooming. I say irregular, as a precaution, because it will be some time before the Dark Temptation or the Fusion razor are surpassed.

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