Great Advances in Men's Grooming Products: II

Let me preface this testimonial by declaring that I own no stock in Unilever (UL) and provide this endorsement only as an ecstatic customer (as I noted earlier this month). The Dark Temptation line of men’s grooming products is a notable innovation that more people should be aware of.

With a shower gel, anti-perspirant, and deodorant body spray, this product line is indubitably one of the greatest advances in men’s grooming products, not only recently, but perhaps ever. “As irresistible as chocolate” reads the container, and I concur. I like to smell good, my sister told me that “one should always smell edible,”, and the Dark Temptation smell is one that, although created for men, is, particularly in the case of the shower gel, suitable for both sexes. In fact, suitable is a gross understatement in this case, for the chocolate scent is one that anyone, man or woman, will savor.

I thought that I would make irregular updates to this series of great advances in men’s grooming products, but the Dark Temptation line deserves all the notice it gets. A friend told me that the chocolate body spray makes one smell like a trollop. I emphatically disagree. Buy a can for yourself, use it assiduously, and then let me know what you think.

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