Two Snacks: One Dolorous, One Resplendent

If anything in the snack aisle of 7-11 is going to hurt you, it may be the SHOCK potato chips (crisps) from Lay. I found all the warning labels irresistible and promptly bought a package the first time I came across this new flavor. Honestly, I’ve never tasted anything quite like this. There is a strong taste of lime combined with chili peppers, as the packaging so clearly shows. I appreciate the design of the package and the novelty of having a flavor named SHOCK, which is much more interesting than Extra Barbeque or Spicy Squid, for example. One drawback of the SHOCK flavor; it overwhelms, totally, the Dark Temptation fragrance.

It is summer in Thailand, there are an abundance of sweet mangos, and served with sweet sticky rice this makes a resplendent dessert. The sticky rice may be cooked in coconut milk, which adds heft to the meal, a rich sweetness to the rice, and, in general, tends to put me to sleep. I was quite proud of myself for cutting two mangos, removing the skin without cutting myself or dropping the fruit to the floor, and in my excitement at this success proceeded to eat both mangos in one sitting, along with a large pile of the aforementioned sweet sticky rice. I cringe at the number of calories that were consumed, and my body reacted as if I had just had a large Thanksgiving dinner; I fell asleep.

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