Another SHOCK

What happened? Why do I have such a sanguine appearance? My face may look similar after I eat the SHOCK potato chips, but I am sweating here as if I were just removed from the shower. You see me here after eating a few bites of a extraordinarily healthy salad. Let’s run through the ingredients here (partly at the request of my sister, who wondered if I really did cook such a dish). First, we can shred some green mango. I like to place it in a bowl (bowls make it easier for mixing with the exciting ingredients to come).

What is a salad without dried fish, shrimp, and peanuts? We’ll also need to add some dried chili peppers at this point. The mango has a lot of vitamin C, the fish, shrimp, and peanuts add a wallop of calcium and protein.

How about flavor? Let’s add some onion and some fresh red chili peppers. Yeah!

Mix with a viscous shrimp sauce, stir, eat, sweat. See above.

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