June Golf Report

I am happy to report that after going undefeated in May, I remained unbeatable in June, first winning at Dubai and then winning my matches at Mauritius as well. If I should go undefeated in 2009, I shall consider this my version of the Grand Slam. Naturally the pressure builds as the year progresses and the winning streak continues and my inimitable form persists. 

Mauritius and its golf courses are salubrious, as I mentioned previously. The Tamarina course with its sharp-faced mountains as a backdrop to so many holes was the site of my second triumph this month.

And I finished in June with a match I could have lost, at the seaside Anahita course. We could not finish under the crepusculine conditions and thus my winning streak, by default, was extended. A nice touch here was the customer name on each cart, and the “Mr. Woods” surely put some fear into the already trepidatious swing of “Mr. Lupier”.

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