Fusion Cuisine and the Sam Khok Diet

The Sam Khok diet has run its course. I wanted so much to add the fried baby frogs with basil (little frogs the size of grasshoppers) to this diet but have been decidedly unable to find that delicacy. With that not entirely exiguous disappointment, I feel that I cannot continue the diet. I have tried the fried insects across the street, and the rats (if we can define try as “try to eat” without implying that I actually ate the meat), and today I write the lugubrious coda on my Sam Khok diet saga with a bit of fusion cuisine. 

That’s right, I went to the grocery store, bought some freshly made summer rolls with a filling of pork and tofu and carrot and plenty of pak chi, dipped them in chili sauce, garnished with fresh basil, and ate them slowly as my dolorous final meal on the Sam Khok diet. My thoughts have turned to transpontine affairs, and I knew all along that the Sam Khok diet would not be sempiternal.

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