What To Do In The Rainy Season?

This being the rainy season at Thailand, I offer a suggestion for passing the time indoors as the storms pass by outside. Namely, I would eat desserts, preferably those that contain sticky rice, or coconut, or better yet, some combination of the above.

Here we have a coconut something in the foreground, which I could describe as being somewhat like a pancake, crepe, or taco, depending on the word that first comes to mind. In the background we have sticky rice topped with coconut custard, splashed with some coconut milk, and previously wrapped in a banana leaf.

Coconut pie is another nice treat, and the version served at Chiang Rai’s Phu Chaisai resort is one that I think should be emulated. It is packed full of coconut, without the cream of an American-style coconut cream pie, or the condensed milk of the buko pie in the Philippines. Any type of coconut pie is good, but the straightforward and tasty version from northern Thailand is one that I recommend during the rainy season and at any time of year.

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