A Genuine Stunner, or, Termites In My Kitchen

You have probably been following my peregrinations, my undefeated streak of golf matches on three continents, my Rakish Tour of Oregon, and so on and so forth. I have recently been at Hong Kong and Japan, enjoying the wonderful autumn weather, spending some time with Mickey, and studying foreign languages. And you may even recall that I keep a number of geckos, carefully ensconced at my house in Sam Khok, to control any insects that may brave the doorstep. Or so I thought, until my startling discovery last week. See my geckos here:

Photo of Oliver

Photo of Pip

You might then imagine my surprise at arriving home from Tokyo last week to find this veritable train of termites crossing my kitchen wall.


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  Apparently I cannot rely on my geckos to eat the termites.This is a shocking development and a real disappointment. I have now contracted with a pest control company to apply insecticides throughout my house.&#160; The termites are fascinating but the owner of this house wishes them gone.

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