10K Medalist!

I’m already training for the 317 km Hood to Coast relay in August. I won this impressive medal at the Fight Aids 10K race organized by the Department of Public Health in Bangkok a few weeks ago. I really won this medal! Not for winning the race, or placing, or showing, but for finishing.

I am approaching my training for the Hood to Coast with a four-pronged strategy. When last year at this time I was focused on the Sam Khok diet, my attention now turns to preparations for “the mother of all relays.” What is my strategy? I run as much as I can, interspersing those workouts with copious amounts of turfgrass science, skiing, and golf. If my training program for the Hood to Coast is as successful as the Sam Khok diet, then it will be quite a year.

I struggle to choose the apt term to describe my unique training program. The Quadriform Approach? Quadripartite Training? QT? Quadruplicity? The Sam Khok diet was natural, vicinal, and rolled off my tongue. Any suggestions of a witty name for my training program will be appreciated and considered.

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