Websites, Seminars, and Writing

What you see at left is an image of the turfgrass information page of the new, where I have added a thumbnail image of the articles that are available for download. The old ATC website (click here for a semi-functional version) had been relatively unchanged for three years and it was not possible for me to update the information in a timely manner, so over the past year I have been planning and developing the structure and content for the new site. The old site still looks good, but the new site is more interactive and I can modify it at my leisure and can easily add and remove information. What do you think?

I’m busy now with seminar planning. ATC is organizing a three-day conference at Thailand in March and three one-day seminars at Japan (in January, March, and April).

In addition to the writing work I do for Golf Course Seminar magazine in Japan, and some articles that I submit to other publications, I have also been invited to contribute to the Turf Diseases blog. And I also develop new turfgrass information content and post it on my own websites.

That is what I am up to now. For a report of my activities in 2009, with some interesting facts about plane flights flown, words written for publication, and number of speaking engagements, click here.

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