Harmony & Amanda at Thailand: the outtakes, part 2

https://www.flickr.com/apps/video/stewart.swf?v=71377When our story was interrupted last time, Nathan had just been removed from the hospital at Trat. The oxygen and IV and overnight stay there coincided with the breaking of his fever (from the measles) which he was subsequently diagnosed with at a hospital in Bangkok. Naturally, Air Canada forbade him to return to Canada as scheduled with his still contagious disease, so we had a chance to enjoy some of the things that we had put off earlier in the trip when Nathan was bedridden.

We went to the hair salon with Harmony and Amanda. Yo, wazzup 905! Keeping it real in Sam Khok (and bringing along the new Dickens biography in case the gangster thing gets old).

At the famous Tummour restaurant we had a feast to enjoy Thai food one more time before Harmony’s departure the next morning. I was particularly impressed with my language skills on this evening. Tummour’s menu consists of one small piece of paper, written entirely in Thai script. That I could order what was described as “the best meal we had this trip” without even consulting the menu, nor resorting to my native language, strikes me as extraordinary.

We had previously canceled golf on three occasions because Nathan couldn’t be at the hospital and the golf course at the same time. On his penultimate day in Thailand, Amanda went to the spa (as she had on the occasion of his first hospital visit more than a week earlier) while Nathan and I went to the challenging Northern Rangsit Golf Club for a round. Nathan birdied the third hole with a perfect pitch shot from 60 yards; I countered with a birdie of my own on the tenth hole, and we enjoyed the yardage markers, pruned into a veritable zoological garden of fanciful animals and dinosaurs to mark the distance from the fairway to the green.

And then there was the shopping. If only these shirts were in my size!

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