A Busy Train Station

Today’s turfgrass science seminar was at the Shinjuku Maynds Tower, just a block away from Shinjuku station. With an average of more than three million passengers a day, Shinjuku is the world’s busiest train station. I’m now at Haneda airport, waiting for my flight to Hokkaido after taking the good advice of Hugh Tanaka (pictured with me above) on the route to take from Shinjuku to Haneda. The weather at Niseko looks great for skiing and writing and visiting a few onsen.

I was at Thailand for the Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia 2010 seminars last week, had meetings at Tokyo and Nagano on Friday, was at Nagano and then Tokyo over the weekend for skiing and seminar preparation and a visit to the Mizuno shop at Ochanomizu, and have been thoroughly enjoying this trip to Japan. With meals such as the one pictured below (at a ryokan in Nagano), how could I not?

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