Eating Well at Thailand

I’ve had some excellent food this week. I was at Hua Hin for a seafood meal and enjoyed my first Beerlao outside of Laos. The Beerlao Dark Lager is my favorite beer in Southeast Asia, ranking just ahead of San Miguel Corporation’s Cerveza Negra. I ordered the usual at Hua Hin: sea bass fried with fish sauce, crab fried rice, an omelette with shrimp, morning glory with chilies, and cashew nuts with fresh herbs and more chilies.

That was a great meal, but last night’s dinner of miang kham (เมี่ยงคำ) surpassed all expectations. I don’t know how I have not been eating miang kham more often. Toasted coconut, peanuts, chili, ginger, lime, onion, dried shrimp, sauce, wrapped in leaves of cha plu, repeated until aforementioned ingredients are gone.


So I take the leaves, position the ingredients, fold into a pyramid of exquisite proportions and multifarious flavors, and eat. High in antioxidants and taste, I cannot recommend miang kham highly enough. Suggested drink pairing is a freshly-shaken margarita. The ultimate in Pacific fusion cuisine. And an unspeakably sensational concatenation.

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