Step-by-Step to a Genuine Stunning Dish

A few days ago I mentioned my discovery of miang kham and its multifarious flavors. I’ve had miang kham again tonight, and can take you through the dinner and its aftermath in complete, I may even say quadracious, detail.

a – Purchase the ingredients (these cost me 39฿ or $1.20 at today’s exchange rate) and prepare, specifically detaching the Piper sarmentosum leaves from the stems, slicing the various condiments into the appropriate shape and size, and laying all out for the forthcoming combinative meal.

b – select a leaf of Piper sarmentosum, naturally high in antioxidants

c – add a pinch of desiccated coconut

d – place a slice of lime (Citrus aurantifolia) on the desiccated coconut. This addition is extremely helpful in the prevention of scurvy.

e – add roasted peanuts, dried shrimp, purple onion, garlic, and ginger, to taste

f – optional for some, but essential for me — add red or green chili peppers

g – add a dollop of palm syrup with fish sauce

The miang kham is now ready to eat. One will fold the leaf into a pyramid or ball and then devour in one large and savoursome bite. What happens next is shown below.


a – I place the folded miang kham into my mouth

b – I chew, releasing the flavors of ginger, chili, red onion, coconut, and etc. 

c – The anticipated savouriness of miang kham is now apparent, appreciated, and enjoyed immensely. Miang kham is genuinely and stunningly good.

d – I’m giving that one two thumbs up. The amazing thing is that one can adjust the flavors to fit one’s mood, taste, or inclination. I have at various times added more chili or ginger, or less on a whim, and have enjoyed the miang kham just as much. And at just 39฿ for all these ingredients, even I can afford to experiment with the dish. 

In a year that has been full of staggering delights (to name just a few: spherical & rock-shaped ice cubes, my own personal small (modesty) towel for use at the onsen, and caddies who have a commendable and generous understanding of the rules of golf), the discovery of miang kham is a highlight.

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