Wild Horses, Camels, and Birdies in the Desert

If you saw a band of wild horses in the Arabian Desert, would you dare to approach them? Using my horse whispering techniques, I tamed these horses at Dubai in the morning, just because I could. I had been at the Tiger Woods Dubai with Cameron Thompson, the golf course superintendent there, to have a look at the grass on the course and on the vast nurseries.

In the afternoon the weather seemed just right for a run, as it was cooling down from the midday highs, so I went for a run along Jumeirah Beach, passing two camels (really!) and feeling quite proud of myself for braving the 43° C heat (about 110° F). You may wonder what it feels like to run in those kind of temperatures. I felt as if I was running in a sauna.

What better way to cool off after a quadracious run in Dubai than to play night golf under the lights at Emirates Golf Club? I made a nice birdie and hit some good shots in preparation for my forthcoming UK trip. I haven’t played golf in the UK since 2003. Stay tuned for my July golf report. It promises to be a good one.

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