What is Quadracious?

I gave seminars at Okinawa and Malaysia this month, and in the associated travel and meetings came across a few interesting places. There are many restaraunts along kokusai dori in Naha with Okinawan music and regional food specialties. I felt compelled to dance along with the Okinawan rhythms and it was all going well, I thought, until the guy from the adjacent table decided to join me in my rendition of this traditional Japanese dance.

After the seminar at Okinawa I spent some time at Kamikochi in the Northern Japan Alps and climbed Yakedake, which translates roughly as “burning peak”. Someone once asked me what quadracious means. Climbing an erupting volcano is quadracious.

After the Yakedake climb I went to a trade show at Osaka. While we are on the topic of what is quadracious and what is not, eating raw chicken is quadracious. I had that and other fine foods at Osaka.

Then I flew to a few places and had a few meetings, and came to Malaysia, where I spoke at another seminar.

In Malaysia, sharks and aquariums are quadracious, particularly if one finds them in the gents. You see below a discreet photo, from the South Sea Seafood Restaurant, of the men’s toilet at said restaurant. Sharks in the gents are quadracious. Full stop.

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