Too full of Adventure to be briefly described

I have traveled to six countries this month, getting on an airplane once every 54 hours (on average) and staying at hotels from the waterfront at Kota Kinabalu to the noisome streets of Kowloon and to a surprisingly quiet Kanda last week. I returned to Thailand in the early morning hours today and have three consecutive days here before my next departure. 

At Vietnam last week I had the opportunity to take this interesting photograph with Tiger Song, the principal of Korea’s Songho Golf Design Group. We smiled as we imagined the mirthsome headline Tiger meets Woods

In addition to the advisory and research work that took me to Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Vietnam this month, I also went to Japan to teach about turfgrass science in full-day seminars at Tokyo and Osaka. One of the challenges in giving seminars in Asia is that the handouts and other presentation materials must invariably be translated well in advance of the seminars. By the time of the actual seminars, we have a lot of fun. 

And the bow tie adds a rakish flair to the proceedings, doesn’t it? 

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