Melt My Pinky World

The sign is pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it? Who can resist an ice mountain, as I like to call it, when the shop has such a magnetic appeal? I was at Sriracha last week after the Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia 2011 conference, bringing some friends back to Bangkok, and we stopped for a seafood dinner and then had sublime desserts at Sweety Ice. Melt my pinky world indeed! I had coconut flavor, they had mango — we shared, and both were superb.

I have been enjoying a lot of Thai food this week. After my run tonight I had jok moo sai kai. That is rice porridge with pork and a soft-boiled egg. It comes with green onions and slices of ginger and plenty of black pepper. I added a dollop of dried chili to get just the right taste. 

My friend Kirk Fast is an authority on wine. When I see him later this year, I expect he will recommend some fine Pinot noir to me, and he may describe it as possessing hints of crystalllized ginger, crushed juniper, with a hint of molasses and a finish of Sulawesian pepper. Miang kham (see below) has all those flavors and more, and I had some when I came home tonight.

Rather than describe it, I just put some of each ingredient into a leaf, roll it up, and chew. Not quite the taste of an Oregon Pinot noir, but miang kham is much more available in Bangkok. All part of my vicinal diet. Up next, poutine.

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