May Golf Report

I wasn’t able to continue my winning steak in May, although I did finish the month with a winning record. I lost at Sri Lanka and in the Philippines, won at Vietnam and in multiple matches at Thailand, and am now prepared for some epic matches to be contested at Thailand and Australia in June. When I won I won big, and when I lost it was by the narrowest of margins, so I have every expectation of regaining my previous form. 

My clubs are regripped and I’ll be getting some new Srixon balls and searching for my temperate climate golfing attire before I head down under next week.

In addition to visiting so many golf courses, I’ve also been working on writing projects and preparing for upcoming seminars and presentations. That has included the collection of data about weather conditions in various cities where warm-season grasses are often grown, and as you can see by clicking on the images below, Melbourne and Sydney are a lot cooler than Bangkok in June (or at any time of the year). 


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