Last Week, the Outtakes

You’ve probably already seen the classy birdie dance photo from last week. Perhaps you followed along on twitter, or Facebook, or Google+. But those are hardly the place for copious disquisitions.

There was a lot more to last week than the birdie dance. In fact, it was a week of inimitable rakishness. Here are the outtakes. I traveled across a large part of Japan last week, hitting the golf hotspots of Chiba and Hyogo, stopping at Kanagawa and Yamaguchi and Fukuoka as well, riding innumerable trains, and eating. How about nama oysters the size of dinner plates, and kujira sashimi? 

For that matter, how about kujira bacon? 

It looks a bit like a sliced radish, but the taste is rather different. 

There were a lot of golf courses last week, and a lot of photos of my trousers. Here I deflect attention from the trousers, pointing out that the grass is worthy of attention also. Or was I trying vainly to draw attention to my trousers? What trousers?

Whatever it was, I finished 5th in the golf tournament against a strong field on a day so hot (liquefyingly so, it felt) that the caddie was giving us ice packs to place on our heads. To keep our brains from melting, apparently. I obviously scored a victory against the elements, if not against the field, so I’m marking my card as undefeated so far in August.

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