A Rakish Tour of Wuhan

I came to Wuhan this week for a golf turf seminar. Little did I know there would be so many opportunities for rakishness. After our presentations, Dr. Wang and I stumbled across these impressive banners at the entrance to the conference hall. In the evening, we had a fine dinner, a bottle of baijiu, and some spicy duck feet, all at the the architecturally-striking Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Wuhan.

The fun began in earnest today. I’m already on a winning streak in September without hitting a ball, recklessly wagering 100 yuan that a friend would not make par on a short par 3, and after seeing him tee off realizing it was not such a reckless gamble after all.

After that course tour I brought my wallet full of renminbi to the clubhouse and had an extensive lunch that included a generous portion of snake. You probably already know that snake is good for the skin. It is also quite tasty.

And then there was the boat ride. I’m generally one to follow instructions. But I’m also an accomplished flâneur. And it was too hot inside the passenger cabin. 

So that is how I and my vicious associate Mr. Liu Guangjin came to be loitering out of ship on a speeding craft across Liangzi Lake this afternoon.

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