Rakish Outtakes from Wuhan

You’ve seen the report from Wuhan, but you may not have realized how we struggled to get the pictures just right. The banner positioning, and who should stand where, was a temporary conundrum which we resolved, but not before some rather pedestrian efforts.

Then there was the red carpet to . . . just where exactly?  Dr. Wang and I managed to keep up a cheerful appearance, despite the perplexity of a red carpet abrubtly ending in the midst of a grassy field. 

I’ve already mentioned the fine dinner, the baijiu, and the spicy duck feet. Baijiu is an acquired taste, and also a persistent one. The fiery liquor made a good match for the toothsome delicacies of Wuhan.

And then there was this addition to my collection of “stay off the grass” photos. This one appeals to my emotions, apparently, and it is placed on a grass ideally-suited to do so: Zoysia matrella. I was pleased to see the matrella growing so well at Wuhan and I must say that it hardly needs my compassion to repay it. For all it has done for me, I hardly know how I could repay it. 

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