Apyrexial in India

I’m happy to report that Kolkata and New Delhi have been salubrious. The days – cerulean; the nights – here I foreshadow an astonishing incident – sublime. And the breakfasts have been quite good. How about mango juice and a masala dosa? Wikipedia tells me this makes the list of the World’s 50 most delicious foods

I’m here for a training program about grass. This report on the program from The R&A gives an overview of what they term a Pioneering Greenkeeper Education Programme.

The programme includes classroom and field training sessions, with the objective being to improve, in the long-term, the playing conditions on golf courses across India and the broader subcontinent.

The week’s training ends with an exam, for which I am the invigilator, and then it is off to the next city for another week of the same. Last night we finished the training programme and ended up at a Papa CJ show at the Tollygunge Club. And then we went for a drink, under a large tree. The Tolly’s grounds, originally an indigo plantation established in 1781, provide a sanctuary for many exotic birds. I knew it was time for bed when effluence from one of those birds made its way to my shoulder, which you can see adumbrated here. 

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