This Month in Air Travel: 3

Since my last report. Seven more flights. Seven more international airports. Three countries. More birdie dances, to be described in requisite detail in the forthcoming golf report. And the amazing places than one can go by air these days.

Just when I had thought a generous portion of Lay’s Lime n’ Masala Masti potato chips to be the epitome of flavor, I came across this saucy tomato flavor. Naughty Tomatoes, reads the label, and I felt a bit of a naughty tomato myself as I ate almost the entire bag. So much for my diet. 

But I soon took to the air again, back to Thailand where my diet consisted of regular portions of crab, peanuts, soda water, and kra pao gai kai dao gai sap kai suk.

I took a break from air travel on a visit to southern Thailand and the island of Samui, arriving by ferry and making another boat ride across heavy seas to watch the lunar eclipse from Ko Pha Ngan.

And then it was back to flying and the lovely airport at Samui, where one can find popcorn and other delicacies in the expansive open-air terminal. 

December in the clement weather of the tropics, after a long year of travel – ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

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