This Month in Air Travel: 5

A report on this month in air travel finds that my mileage account has soared past 50,000 miles for 2012 and I’ve been at five countries in the last 30 days. No wonder I’m smiling. What a chance I have to learn about grass in so many different places, meet my friends from all over the world, all over the world, continue my vicinal diet, and find that elusive shirt to match the bright 2012 Open Championship tie!

Last week at the Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia 2012 conference I enjoyed a few days with friends who traveled to Thailand from 20 countries to learn about turfgrass, meet other turfgrass industry professionals from around Asia, and in some cases, to buy new wardrobes from the talented tailors so ubiquitous in the Kingdom of Thailand.


As regards my vicinal diet, I’ve had a lot of bibimbap at Korea this week, and samgyeopsal, and soju. Next week it is going to be loco moco.


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