June Golf Report

After a few disappointing months in which victory escaped me, I’m happy to report that I’ve started a new winning streak. Or perhaps more accurately, after two matches in June, I’m confident that I’ll be undefeated for the forseeable future. When I put the club in that position at the top of my backswing, how can I lose?

My first round of the month was at the Bill Woods Invitational, under the bright sunshine of southern Washington, when I paired up with my longtime friend Charles for a memorable round. We didn’t win on the scorecard but I’m confident we had more fun that day than any of the other competitors. My birdie on the challenging 10th was just one of many highlights.


I like to remind people that golf is not all about winning. It is about spending time with friends, enjoying the fresh air, exercise, and birdies.

I closed out the month with a spectacular back 9 in Hanoi. This birdie on the 16th capped a remarkable comeback from a rather pedestrian start to the round. I get birdies wherever I go, with rental clubs. 

When I play again, it will be with my own clubs, with my revamped swing, the same smooth putting stroke, and with my usually impeccable course management skills. There are going to be a lot of birdies.

But it will be hard to match the fun I had playing in June, including a staisfying victory over my young and athletic brothers. They, apparently, were more interested in looking good on the course than on winning.

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