September Golf Report

You may have noticed the short hiatus in my monthly golf reports. An absolute avoidance of competitive matches for two months left me little to write about.

But when I returned to the competitive arena in September, I birdied the first hole and never trailed in a match that was effectively over by the time I made another birdie at the ninth.


That impressive victory was balanced by a round the next week in which I walked off the course after 11 holes so that I could do some work. Let’s call that a no contest, and a record for September of one victory and zero defeats.

In September, I visited golf courses in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and India, but I’ve been more interested in botanizing and collecting data than in playing golf. 

When one makes as many birdies as I do, there is little need for practice. Thus, while others may take every opportunity to play golf, I prepare for my upcoming matches with botanical expeditions to the Western Ghats


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