November Golf Report

After an impressive September in which I went undefeated, I took up my clubs – or in this case, rental clubs – two months later and picked up right where I left off. With lots of birdies. 

The first round of the month was at Kannami Springs, a challenging Dye Design course that produced few challenges for me as I overpowered the course with my long drives and pinpoint approaches. After a few near misses on the front 9, I made two impressive birdies on the back 9, watched the sunset behind Mt. Fuji from a hot bath, and moved on to celebrate with Kanno Miho at a nearby izakaya.

There were a lot of laughs this evening as we composed elaborate multilingual puns, tried various types of highball, and I reminisced about my time in the Yaeyama Islands by drinking a large tumbler of Awamori.

I can assure you, after two birdies and a few highballs, life is far from a double bogey. But for artistic purposes, we found such a caption to be incontrovertibly hilarious. The very thought of a double bogey doesn’t even cross my mind. So the caption, if you don’t read Japanese, which translates as “My life is double bogey,” is a particularly jarring type of humor.

The next morning I woke at sunrise to take photos of Mt. Fuji, reminiscing on my birdie at this same green the previous afternoon. And, I must add, looking forward to my round the next day with some confidence. 

{.asset-media-link}And my confidence was not misplaced, for I narrowly missed birdies at the 1st and 2nd of challenging Sobu CC before making birdie at the 4th. That completed three birdies in my last ten holes, and from there I relented from such an assault on the course and on my opponents. 


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