Too Full of Adventure to be Briefly Described: 2

In the midst of a trip to Japan, I took a trip to Tokyo. It was a windy day, and it was a bit of a construction site, and I was happy to have the hard hat until I discovered that so many of the other people at this meeting were not wearing one. Nevertheless, one can never be too careful. 

My brother Guy, who has just moved to Tokyo, informed me that he keeps a hard hat on his desk. Good planning!

For our weekend runs through the streets of Tokyo, however, we went without hard hats. There were a few bridges we had to duck under, and although I didn’t hit my head on anything, I probably had more chance of being injured while running than on my visit to the construction site.


I also caught up on my reading. I don’t always have a chance to read the golf magazines, so I checked the latest issues for interesting content.


And there was shopping. I am a particular fan of Zoff eyewear.

Some of the newest frames really push the boundaries of style. Bicycles, hearts, colorful indistinguishable fluid shapes (not shown) – the frame selection at Zoff is almost like a Rorschach test. Or more precisely, these types of frames would deliver a Rorschach test to the people one would encounter throughout the day.

After all the running, reading, and shopping, we retired each evening to a fine restaurant. There was a search for award-winning ramen. Found. A trip to Japan’s best sweet potato restaurant. Completed. A tasting of Tokyo’s best imperial stout on a riverside patio. Tasted.

So we had high expectations for the yogurt and the green banana flavored beers. Or perhaps we were just thirsty.


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