Botanizing my way through Japan


Recently, I have been botanizing. Rather than perorating on the details, no matter how fascinating, of Thuarea involuta and Sporobolus virginicus, for example, I will write on a more general subject. For even the most intrepid botanist must stop for victuals. 



As you see, I have done just that. Oyster okonomiyaki in Hiroshima, and Kansai-style okonomiyaki near Osaka, exotic flavors of kakigōri, spicy spam for wholesome home cooking, and Yaeyama soba; these dishes fortify a botanist for the hard work, both physical and mental, that comes with the job.

After a long day of botanizing, nothing refreshes like an alcohol and calorie free beer. Sitting outside on a Stenotaphrum secundatum lawn, the shima kaze (island wind) blowing across the peninsula, one can reflect on all the grasses one has seen and studied while enjoying this fine beverage.

Japan must be the world leader in alcohol free beer. And of all these beverages, from various breweries, the Orion Clear Free comes in the most attractive can. 

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