An Early August Miscellany: dancing shrimp, seminars, races, and cross training

This isn’t very coherent, but my activities at the start of this month haven’t been coherent either. Let’s pick a few of the highlights. How about ice cream at 7 a.m. after a staggering (and medal-winning) performance in the Run4Mom?

That is a nice addition to the Sam Khok diet. So are dancing shrimp. I had heard about these, and on a trip to Chiang Mai, I made a special effort to find and order them. The verdict? Well, if you can keep them on the spoon, they are delicious. I wanted chopsticks, which I thought could give a better grip on these vigorous creatures.

Then there were two presentations at the Philippine Turfgrass Forum, and those presentations were recorded, in case you would like to learn a bit more about turfgrass management.

With all the travel and seminars and eating, I only had the chance to run in one race. In lieu of running, I have been doing some extensive cross training. Namely, jumping, and jumping rather high, as one can see here. In fact, at the level I have ascended to, I hesitate to call it jumping. More like soaring. Maybe even transcending. 



How all this training will play out (and pay off, presumably) in future races and upcoming matches is yet to be seen. The results so far have been promising, and at this point I have great expectations.


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