Consular matters

To explain the recent lacuna here: I’ve been writing a lot, and studying a lot, and as I was rearranging some documents today various passport photos fell out, and visa application documents dropped to the floor, and I remembered that I’ve been especially busy with consular matters. In fact, I was at an embassy in Bangkok today, and I have another appointment there tomorrow afternoon.

Since the dancing shrimp last August, I’ve been on 48 international flights (and a few military charters). I’ve been to 4 continents, and have written 20 articles. Started and finished a couple of research projects. Spoken at a lot of conferences. And yet it is these little things, like getting passport photos of the proper size, with the proper background color, and making sure I have the proper electrical plug, and preparing the proper paperwork, that take up extraordinary amounts of time.

I’ve got tons of articles, videos, food reviews, and travel anecdotes to share, but for now I’m done rearranging those documents, and I’ve got some things to write. 

Last week, talking about turfgrass near Seoul

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