Perambulatory couture

What does one get when a mountain walk is combined with fine fabrics, cut in the latest fashion? 

Not wanting to play the flaneur in Harajuku on such a fine day, Guy and I climbed up Takao-san. Wool was the fabric of the day, as it should be at this time of year in the rugged mountains of Tokyo-to. No synthetic fabrics for us.

We set off from the base, walking from the Takaosan-guchi station, up a creek, and then up and up and up until we were at the summit. 

Standing at the 599.03 meter summit of Takao-san is, at present, my highest achievement in this field.


From there, we enjoyed the views over the Kanto plain stretching out far below us. And we accepted the congratulations of a few intrepid hikers (albeit dressed head to toe in synthetic gear) on our perambulatory couture. What should we call this? Extreme walking? Fashion hiking? The ideas were coming fast, and I knew just the thing to cool down my racing mind.


Naturally, that would be a soft cream. In this case, a fruit vinegar flavor. Very good. When practicing perambulatory couture, soft cream at the summit is almost an imperative. At least it was on this day. I had two.

Then we walked down, and down, past trees and temples, finally reaching a chairlift, and riding that down for the final stretch of the descent. 


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