Books, botanizing, birdies, and borders


I’ve found the birdie dance photos and the botanizing posts to be a bit blasé, so although there have still been a lot of both, I have not felt any need to document those exploits here.

Well, I would like to document this.


With that disclaimer out of the way, there has been some exceptional botanizing recently.

I’ve also made an effort to measure the photosynthetic photon flux density at different locations. Botanizing and light measurements go good together.

I’ve been reading too. I’ve moved the what I’ve been reading list to a higher position on the right sidebar of this page. Reading goes good with botanizing and light measurements too.

And there have been lots of charts. I made this one showing flights since 8 August 2013. When I get around to it, I’ll add flights going back about 10 years. I need to adjust the code some more to more clearly highlight (with color, line width, and transparency) the routes flown most often, but this shows that Bangkok-Tokyo has been a common one.

{.asset-media-link}What else? Various projects. This talk with Dave Wilber covers a wide range of topics.

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