Birdies, pars, television, and potato chips

Some things stay the same, and some things change. I’ve made a lot of birdies over the years, and celebrated them all in their own way. Last month in Nebraska was no exception.

Sometimes I don’t make so many birdies, but I’d still like a photo, so I played around with a few ideas for a par dance. I can’t imagine I’ll be doing this too often. The pars, yes. The dance, probably not.

{.asset-media-link}I was on such a long trip I almost forgot when it started. I went to Japan twice, and the second time in Japan I got on television. I’d rather not have.

{.asset-media-link}Then when I came back to Thailand I checked carefully the potato chip flavors. Sure enough, there was a new one. When my trips are long enough, I almost always find a new potato chip flavor in Thailand that wasn’t available when I departed.


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