Stakes and grass and other matters

For the past month, I’ve been making an intense study of the grasses in a rather narrow latitude, from 44 to 49°N.

There are many grasses at sea level, but I find some really interesting specimens at a higher elevation.

Fortunately the snow is not falling yet at these high altitudes. The last time I ran up this mountain, it was covered in snow.

When not botanizing, or training my body for such aggressive agrostology, I’ve been training my mind. That is, I’ve been reading. And when I read, I prefer the classics.

Hemingway, Graham, and that rare 1st edition of the Short Grammar.

The idea of the grammar is to provide a language to describe, quantify, and translate turfgrass management practices from one place to the next. I’ve studied the grasses as they grow in the wild, and I also had a chance to study them under regular maintenance. Or maybe this was exceptional maintenance. It certainly was a lot of fun.


Even the stakes.


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