Botany, maps, and potato chips

I was recently studying the grasses of Japan. This is a meadow of Sasa senanensis.

I flew three flights after that, arrived back to Bangkok, and realizing I had no more flights this year, made a map of all the flights I was on in 2016. The redder the color of the line, the more times I flew that route.

Thailand is especially salubrious at this time of year, and I’m reminded of it every year. There aren’t many clouds, the solar irradiance has a softness that is only noticeable for these few weeks, and the weather is so clement that it is remarkable.

For tonight’s dinner I enjoyed one of my favorite dishes. This is actually a snack, but with this much miang kham and a bit of fruit, it’s plenty for a meal.

This is even a potato chip flavor. It’s much better to have the real thing, but kind of fun to try those flavors as interpreted by PepsiCo.

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