A big city, and a small one

Bangkok is a big city, and I enjoyed this view of it for the past few months. There are big buildings in all directions, but this direction has the most.

I was recently in Yuzawa, which is not such a large city, and while there I enjoyed the snow, food, and hot springs. I don’t know how much of this book was written in Yuzawa. Certainly a substantial part of it was. Maybe 10%. Maybe 15%. I’ve written quite a bit in Yuzawa, and I will be going back for more at the next opportunity.

In the meantime, I’ve rearranged my office. I’ve enjoyed putting some of my favorite things back onto the shelves, and the bottle of Yuki Otoko I brought back with me goes nicely with my copy of Yuki Guni. The Yuki Otoko has an amazing label.

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