On collaboration, part 2

Anyone else thrilled to see the new Thomas & Friends X J.League collaboration?

That’s an official collaboration. Then there are just good ideas. Like the Lobster Hot Plate flavor from Lay’s Thailand.

And the Thai Tea ice cream cone from Nestle. Green tea ice cream might not be for everyone. I still remember my first experience with the Häagen-Dazs rendition of green tea ice cream more than 20 years ago. But I expect the Thai Tea flavor will be a favorite for everyone.

It’s really not that extreme. This is tea. And Thailand. Enjoy this ice cream responsibly. Preferably at a beach on a sunny day.

I had an impromptu book signing in Osaka. This is part of a long term collaboration between ATC X Royal Turf, I suppose.

And while I was in Osaka, I went to a bookstore, walked over to the newsstand, and found that the current issue of Golf Digest Choice magazine has a lot of photos of me in it. Not quite a collaboration. Just an article. But very cool to see, nevertheless.


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