Durian & Great Expectations

I have suggested that falling durian fruit are indubitably lethal, tried to avoid Gradgrindery in my description of the fruit, and noted that my home without durian is a bleak house indeed. I don’t have that problem now, as durian is in season, and I have been eating a lot of it.

This spiky fruit grows high in the forest canopy and we need only refer to Newton’s second law of motion to realize that this fruit, falling on one’s head, will produce a forceful impression; in short, falling durian give a substantial blow. Precautions should be taken when cutting the fruit too, and I would wear gloves or otherwise shield my hands from the rough shell.

One of my favorite treats at this time of year is khao niaw durian, or sticky rice with durian in coconut milk. This calorie-packed dessert is sure to provide a delicious wallop of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. When I heat the durian and coconut milk before mixing it with the sticky rice (yesterday I had with two types of sticky rice), I fill my home with the delicate and glorious scent of durian, the king of fruits.

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